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Odds and Ends on OSM July 2023

Last fall I posted about "Living Streets of OpenStreetMap US". In Las Vegas, I encountered two pedestrian streets (tagged with highway=pedestrian), and they're in an outdoor mall.

The next aisle over, by the Panera, is a walkable area tagged with benches but doesn't have highway=pedestrian. I mapped a bike rack.
There's also a splash pad on the map, which isn't in any of the standard OSM renderers.

Shortly after I posted about bikes in northern Wisconsin / Lake Superior area, I found BicycleBenefits.org through the local co-op. Get discounts!

While visiting Moab, I corrected the new Utah Raptor state park to "Utahraptor", and added two sculptures downtown ("Get Your Mind Rolling" was memorable).

I added some local businesses, parking access roads, residential access roads in a new development, etc. There are a good number of bike racks in national parks which ought to be mapped.

East of Borneo, Sebatik Island is divided between Malaysia and Indonesia. Local attractions include a pool and house which cross the border! But there seems to be limited cross-border traffic and development.