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Sark Emoji Episode 8 - shout out vs left out

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This week was the beta release for Unicode 16.0, which will be open for comment through July 2nd.

This opened up a flurry of articles about seven new emoji, typically using their Noto Color glyphs. The eighth addition, Flag of Sark, escaped some writers' attention.

The Forbes article title is: "The Next iPhone Emoji Could Include One You’ll Want To Use All The Time". But sadly they mean “Face with bags under eyes”, which appears to be an instant hit.
They do know about Sark:

there’s one more, but intriguingly, it doesn’t have a sample image just yet. It’s a flag for Sark, an island in the Channel Islands that is British but sits off the French coast. It’s also, as anyone who has read Mervyn Peake’s novel Mr Pye will tell you, one of the few remaining places in the world where cars are banned from roads. Though you can get around on tractors, bicycles and horse-drawn vehicles.

LifeHacker wrote:

As for Sark, it's a tiny, autonomous, car-free island located between England and France. I'm happy its population of 562 will soon have an emoji of their flag.

A commenter there adds:

i'm happy for the people of Sark, but at first i thought maybe it was going to be a flag to denote "sarcasm," which would be pretty helpful, i think.

MacWorld and RollingOut also gave it a quick mention.

The Verge, Business Insider, BGR, Mashable, DigitalTrends, 9to5Mac, MacObserver, CultOfMac, Apple Insider, MacRumors, Pocket-Lint, Dexerto, TweakTown, XDA-Developers, and TrustedReviews ran stories without mentioning the flag. They are wrong.

On Twitter, the one mention of Sark was from the author of EmojiMashupBot, who said "terrible nouvelle pour les bretons". Sorry Bretons/Brittany, not this time.