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Sark Emoji Episode 6 - The Bureaucracy Abides

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When all hope seemed lost, the Unicode Technical Committee agreed to add Sark to the emoji-sequences / Recommended for General Interchange files - these generally match what countries' flags are included in emoji fonts.

To be clear, this is for Unicode 16.0 / Fall 2024, so it's not being formalized this year and probably won't be in iOS fonts until sometime in 2025.


Adding Sark to the CLDR resulted in updates to a few CLDR libraries:

Time to back another emoji?

In the coming year, is there time to back another, non-flag emoji?

The ones that I came up with just now are "cauliflower" and "screwpine" (a green-orange fruit known as "pandan" in the Marshalls, also present in the Maldives, related to pandan flavoring). I might reach out to someone about this.