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Sark Emoji Episode 4 - A New Note

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On April 12th, a new version of CLDR was released including Sark as a region. It'll be included in Unicode 15.1, which gets its release in September. The organizers also added me to the ~1,000 names in the Acknowledgements section.

So 🎉 it is done! ...right?

The release notes don't mention Sark or its code CQ. The actual changes, such as the validity of CQ in region.xml and are there. But if you imagined the announcement to include the header "NEW: SARK" and every staff emoji scientist to have a red phone ringing on their desk... nope. It's not even in emoji-test.txt after Clipperton Island.

The Sark PRs got merged in late February, just before the alpha release, so I didn't expect a note then. But after the subsequent beta and beta2 (data) didn't mention it, my top theories were:

I reached out to a contact in the Unicode world. I focused on BCP-47, since I knew this change came from within Unicode, the release note has a specific table for BCP-47 changes, and that table had been generated in early February (pre-Sark).

The conversation convinced me that I'd done OK, and could leave it alone (lest I step on Point 3). In the release, the BCP-47 table got re-generated with more timezone and currency changes. But not Sark?

I also posted issues in the repos for Twemoji and Openmoji, but no one's picked it up yet. So Sark might be falling in a dead zone, where CQ is a valid region in various specs, but no one is aware of it in the emoji font world. I don't know the next steps in Unicode 15.1, but will keep an eye on it.