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Recipes to make again Part 3

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Part 3, holiday wrap-up.


Apple Pie Cookies

Saw it on Instagram. This was my first time buying pie crust. Go to Trader Joe's or somewhere, and the freezer section will have a long box like you'd have for aluminum foil. Pie crust, NOT pie shells. Let the crust defrost a bit before you unroll it, or it'll break into small pieces and you need to re-roll it.

Baked Spaghetti

Baked pasta was never something we had at home, but I went through a phase trying it at pizza places. This was my first time cooking it.

I don't have a baking dish and used a square oven-safe pot (making it effectively 70% recipe). At the last minute I decided to use cubed tempeh instead of bison or beef. Then I discovered the ricotta I'd gotten at Whole Foods was vegan ='(. Anyway, soldiered on. End result was alright, just not great.

Boursin Omelette (Sydney's omelette from The Bear)

I didn't follow the recipe so closely (for example, using blue tortilla chips). Boursin is new to me, you can find it in a regular grocery near cream cheese, and makes for a nice omelette filling.

Boursin Orzo with Chicken

Instead of meat, I boiled tempeh then fried to be crispier as described here.
I am still using cheese and chicken stock, so it's not veg-topia here.
This was tasty! Though I'm not sure if the cheese isn't just adding heavy cream to the pot with extra steps.

Butter Salmon Curry

Added zucchini based on site's related menu. The recipe is for four pieces of salmon. I ended up making a half-recipe and dividing that into two meals.

Chili Crisp Bucatini

Blend of carbonara ingredients with a scoop of chili crisp. Get a good jar of chili crisp! Made this along with "orzotto alla carbonara" to use up the pancetta.

I don't know if bucatini is super important for the recipe. I had been holding on to some for a while, Googled 'chili crisp bucatini', and every site has a copy of this recipe, originating in James Park's book Chili Crisp.

Lamb Kofta Curry

Made the meatballs mostly from this recipe and froze half for later. Inspired by suki_curries_spices, but when I was on the Threads app I couldn't find the original recipe.

I have a lot of TVP from Bob's Red Mill, and want to try veggie meatballs in the future.

Orzotto alla Carbonara

This makes sense as a recipe, combining orzo-in-chicken-stock with carbonara ingredients.

Paneer Makhani

First time with this recipe - when it comes to home cooking, the difference between this, butter masala, and kadai paneer is that I can blend the canned tomato and cashews at the beginning, instead of frying the ingredients, cooling, food processor, then cooking.

Sausage-Stuffed Biscuits

There are a ton of Girl Meets Farm episodes. Based on this recipe I put chorizo inside store biscuits, and some added a pinch of Mexican cheese blend.
She also has an Italian-meatballs-inside-biscuits recipe.

Some notes: Make small meatballs (I used around 1/2 pound of chorizo for 8 biscuits). Biscuits now have air fryer instructions, so make sure you follow the oven temperature. I had to carefully stretch out the biscuits into disks to cover the meatball without compacting or overstretching it.

Spicy Meatballs with Chickpeas

Made with the other half-pound of lamb from the kofta meatballs recipe, reduced to one can/box of chickpeas.

Added a dried ancho chile to simmer with the meatballs, then after giving the chickpeas some heat in olive oil, added them for the last 5+ minutes. Also goes well with eggs.

Some Fails

Pane Bianco

This might've been a fail as I didn't have the foil to tent it and the top got blackened and it wasn't that Instagrammable.

Toor Dal (Split Yellow Pigeon Peas)

This was alright. I don't have an immersion blender, so I whisked a lot. In the end of the final step there are still individual peas with some hardness. I returned with more water, mashed it with a spoon, before cooking for longer. In the future, be prepared for this to take an hour or more.

Vegan Japanese Curry with Red Lentils

Typically I use the S&B golden curry blocks. The first steps of this recipe give steps to combine Japanese curry powder and flour to make a roux. I ordered Japanese curry online, and it turned out to already be roux-ified (vegan, gluten-free with millet flour). So shop based on description and not the $/ounce

I didn't use zucchini or apple.

This was partly timing, but I wasn't in a hurry to finish the leftovers, so overall mid.


@minc798 consistently Tweets about restaurant openings in Chicago. Egg Tuck is about to open near me =)

I got a packet of kaniwa/caƱihua, which is a less domesticated relative of quinoa. Interested in trying it in the rice cooker.

At the beginning of the year I watched a video on Li-Lac Chocolates, and bought a packet of candy for the holidays.

Kitchen Goals Update

I bought pork tenderloin to make the full katsu curry rice.

Still in the todo column: