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Eye update 👍

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Today I met with a retina specialist to look at what's going on in my eye. After reviewing measurements, he pulled up a chair and asked, "do you remember which eye it's in?" He assured me that this nevus is small and flat, so other than its closeness to the optic nerve there's not much going on, and we can review it yearly.
I showed him a previous OCT, a cross-section of retina layers with an ominous looking bump, but I'd misunderstood the image and all was well.

Without much I could actively do about the problem in the past weeks, I'd already started a "bucket list" type document. I made progress on:

I had planned to write an email to my brothers and struggled about whether to downplay this or summarize or ask them to pick bucket list items, but now that it feels like a lot of nothing, I can just tell them in person sometime.