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I continue to rework the "Chat-OMG" and "Comments / Criticism" sections of "ML Arxiv Haul" into this new series.


Topical Issue: Gemini and Media Comprehension

On February 15th, Google announced results of Gemini 1.5 Pro. The two main breakthroughs here were:

Google did not reveal how they scaled to million-token contexts, which is disappointing. The secrecy and previous re-sizing processes (e.g. OpenAI and RoPE) hint that it might not be too difficult to update existing models to the extended context. For example, the YaRN paper was able to extend context with 0.1% of the training data:

For complaints and theories:

A good example of benchmarking was having Gemini read the titles of a homemade video of a bookshelf. A bad example of benchmarking (even though it went viral) was asking it to summarize a movie. This is beatable with basic memorization - i.e. if I show you the opening crawl of Star Wars: A New Hope, you can spell out the entire plot of the movie because it's strongly identifiable. This reminds me of other social media posts which use image generative models on the description of a character from Harry Potter or other media franchise. Inevitably the generated image looks like the actor from the movie since they are pointing to a concept which the model already knows.

Research Turmoil

In an ML Arxiv paper which I reviewed previously (on model editing), the conference version was taken offline for a few days after their Ethical Considerations section was devoted to current events (the outbreak of war in Israel and Gaza).

Mamba rejected from ICLR: via and There is some ambiguity about what went wrong: the meta-reviewer choosing to reject based on the scores, a reviewer asking for other comparable sequence models (which may be architecturally similar to existing baselines), and a reviewer asking about larger models despite promising billion-param models for an initial paper. Hacker News pointed out how many ICLR reviewers voted to reject word2vec 11 years ago:

A fake paper (not hosted on Arxiv, but circulating on Twitter) claimed to have poisoned all image model training going back years. Unfortunately difficult to find a link to back up this kerfuffle from a couple of months ago? In its place consider this real paper stating it would be practical:

LLMs on the Loose

Someone used an LLM to find and report a vulnerability in curl, but the LLM had altered the code to add the vulnerability

Ads from Arabic subtitles bleeding into Whisper audio transcription:

CodeLLaMA refuses to generate prime numbers as an AI safety issue (arguably a prompt issue)

A Reddit user used StableDiffusion to post what most subreddits (e.g. roastme, iama) would consider a passable proof of "I am this person"

Translators are being replaced by AI and then paid a smaller fee for cleanup

Clever LLM use

Teachers using a hidden prompt to avoid copy-pasting into ChatGPT:

Word substitution and Russian translation to convince a Chinese LLM to discuss politics: