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I'm reworking the "Chat-OMG" and "Comments / Criticism" sections of "ML Arxiv Haul" into this new series.

As we enter 2024, AI research is in the hands of a somewhat small research elite and a competitive mass of smaller labs and startups. This leads to absurdities such as the GPT-4 and Gemini white papers explaining little (not even number of parameters), dataset-centric papers failing to share the data, and researchers picking the evaluations to look a few points over their competitors.

Andrej Karpathy, an influential researcher at OpenAI and formerly at Tesla, warns:

I pretty much only trust two LLM evals right now: Chatbot Arena and r/LocalLlama comments section

Meanwhile generative AI startups are getting…. weirder? Scarier? Hall of Shame here:

DrOracleAI: if you are not using AI to advance your career in medicine, stop - our medical grade AI will answer any question using published literature and medical guidelines. You can also generate research publications.

Is this all a bleak outlook for research, or a chance for Transformers and LangChain to bring more engineers and hackers into the space?

Topical Issue: the Decline Effect

A simmering trend of 2023 was OpenAI models' degrading quality. At first the discussion was focused on politics, but in July a pre-print showed that models were also getting worse at identifying prime numbers and generating code. Now I hear that models quibble or explain the work rather than doing the actual task. The Anthropic AI agent Claude has faced similar criticism (but this might be a totally new model).

I have theories for this, none of them provable due to lack of transparency.

In the Hot Seat

On Dec 12, Peter Henderson pointed to likely hallucinated citations in Michael Cohen's legal case; this was confirmed on Dec 29th

Negotiating car sale price with a GPT

Uber Eats might be generating (poorly thought-out) images for menus.

A film concept artist uses Midjourney's newest model to regenerate Marvel IP from training data, gets banned

Can ChatGPT be swayed with promised 'tips and threats'?

Observed variation in responses based on dates in ChatGPT's prompt; plus someone said it gets worked up around the holidays (?)

After ChatGPT was caught answering questions about GPT-4.5, an OpenAI engineer could only describe it as "a very weird and oddly consistent hallucination". Hacker News suggested that an internal GPT-4.5 was being used to RLHF-tune GPT-4? But no one really knows.

I'm OK with this

After users compared LLMs' cookie and muffin recipes, suggestion for more global taste tests

The DROP evaluation got rejected because the answers are parsed strangely:

Peak Argentina?

Toward the end of a new 'Bankrupt' video, they complain about Six Flags / Cedar Fair prominently using AI-generated images in a merger presentation. My best guess is that the merger teams either didn't want to feature one company's assets over another, that they had a limited budget / staff who were walled off from other teams, or that the slides go through some consultant or outsourcing. Who knows?