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Google Maps Review Tags

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I tend to overprepare before traveling somewhere. For example, I might decide what to order before going to a restaurant.

This leads to me spending a lot of time browsing Google Maps. Recently there is some AI magic to represent a restaurant menu through parsing reviews with photos (creating a card titled 'inedible chicken pieces'), and fuzzy search (searches for 'cannoli' or 'dosa' return Italian and Indian restaurants with no need for the food to appear in a menu or review).

Another feature organizes reviews with phrases tagged with special frequency in this restaurant. This is handy to see popular foods ('fish and chips', 'poke bowl'), or get warnings ('cash', 'spicy', 'attitude'), but breaks in weird ways ('exhibits' on a museum, 'disney' on Disney hotels, 'wall' from hole-in-the-wall). I was clicking around in Shikoku Japan, and the tags were translated for me. Or rather someone tried to translate:

The top tag, Zanthoxylum piperitum, is the Latin name for a spice. Interestingly, the translated reviews simply call it "Japanese pepper". This gives me a few theories:

Anyway I would love for some of this data to be organized somewhere for a fun / relevant / frequency NER task.