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Genome browser on Netlify

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I resolved an issue with yarn -s and got jBrowse2 deployed on Netlify:

Then it was time to add quinoa and other genomes, and I realized they are GB-size and would not go through GitHub. There was a Netlify Large Media feature which may have used LFS, but it's been deprecated.

So I don't know why I thought Netlify would be the way.
I'll keep a branch online for people working with smaller data.

I could see someone adding a data download step to the build, but do I want to redownload the genome every time that I change the site CSS? It looks like the go-to for this is to deploy jBrowse and the genome on S3.

Another option would be figuring out how jBrowse is using the FAI (index file) to select parts of the genome and make that work with a standard database?